Accessories - Bonnet Protectors.Radios, Gauge Holders Handbrake Warning Lights, Venation Blinds, Mudflaps, Whitewalls, Whitewall Tyre's, Widened Wheels, Mag Wheels Most brands New & Used, Door handle Scratch Plates, Door Weather Shields, Wheel Arch Gavel Shields, Sill Moldings, Fuel Caps New & Used, Standard & Locking, Door Mirrors, Peep Mirrors, Bonnet Ornaments, Bonnet Scoops-Alloy, Fiberglass, Plastic, Wind Splits, Exterior Sun Visors - Metal or Mesh, Number Plate Frames, Stainless Steel Mesh Headlight Protectors, Bumper Over rides.

Badges - New Used & Restored

Body Mounts & Bolt Kits

Body Rubbers & Kits -Most Cars & 4wd

Bonnets & Hinges - New & Used, Bolt Kits, Bumper kits, Cable & Retainer Kits & Stops, Lock Plunger & Spring Kits,

Boot Lid - New & Used, Bumps, Ferrules, Lights, Rubbers, Locks & Keys

Brake Components - Boosters, Master Cylinders, Wheel Cylinders, Spring Kits, Discs Rotors-Standard, Slotted, Cross Drilled & Slotted, Disc Pads, Calipers -NOS, New, Used, Reconditioned, Brake Drums, Hoses, Pipes, Handbrake Cables, Brake shoes & Hold Down Kits

Carpets - Acrylic Heat Molded OR Custom Made & Concourse, Cut, Loop & Super Plush, 13 Colors Various Under felts Available as well.

Clips & Fasteners - Huge Range - Metal & Plastic.

Consoles - New, Used & Restored - Badges, Brackets, Boots, Lids, Moldings, Wood grain, Switches.

Cooling System - Radiators-2/hand, Re-cored, New, Alloy & Custom, Radiator Caps, Over Flow Bottles, Fan Belts, Fitting Kits, Radiator & Heater Hoses & Clamps, Thermostats & Housings, Standard & Braided, Radiator Filters & Coolant, Water Pumps Standard & Electric, Temperature Sender Units & Gauges.

Custom Interiors - leather - suede - velour ect ect . 

Clutch Components - Master Cylinders, Slave Cylinders, Clutch Kits-Standard & High Performance.

Decals - Engine Bay, interior, Boot, Side Stripes, Factory Detailing Stamps & Special Orders.

Dash Fascias - New, Used & Restored.

Dash Gauges - New, Used & Restored- Knobs, Lenses.

Diffs - 9" Conversions, Axles, Bearings, Seals, Gaskets, Crown Wheel & Pinions Tru Trac LSD.

Door Components - New & Used Doors & Parts ,Inner & Outer Handles & Gaskets, Regulators, Hinges New, Used & Reco, Hinge Pins, Brass & Plastic Bushes,Clips,1/4 Vent Assemblies-New, Used & Restored, Stainless Steel Rivets, Door Handle Removing Tool, Door Locks-New, Keyed Alike, 2/hand, Restored, Retaining Clips, Door Lock Knobs-Black, Chrome & Anti Theft, Window Winder Plates & Felts, Door Trim Plastic Liners, Heat & Sound Proofing Kits, Door & 1/4 Glass New with Factory Stamps, Clear or Tinted & 2/hand, Door Seals, Best You Can Buy

Exhaust Components - Pipes, Extractors, Flange & Manifold Gaskets & Studs, Brackets, Exhaust Tips, Manifolds New & Used.

Engines - All Internal Parts, Timing Covers Oil Pumps-Standard or High Volume, Distributors -Standard or Electronic, Manifolds-Standard& Performance, Carbys,Standard & High Performance Balancers. Complete Engines- Standard or High Performance, Engine Mounts & Brackets, Standard, electronic & MSD Ignitions, Alloy Heads, Alternators- Standard & Heavy Duty & Brackets, Pulleys, Starter Motors - Standard & Heavy Duty, Tappet Covers-Original, Chrome, Alloy, Extractors - Standard & Custom, Flywheels-Steel & Alloy & Bolts, Thermostats & Housings, Sumps-Steel & Alloy, Oil Caps, Fuel Pumps- Standard, Heavy duty & Electric, Bolt Kits, Spark Plugs & Leads, Engine Decals, Air Filters & Assembly's, Fuel Lines& Clamps-Standard or Braided, Fuel Filters, Spigot Bushes & Bearings.

Fuel Components - Fuel Pumps-New, Used, Electric, Restored, Repair Kits, Gaskets, Fuel Filters, Fuel & Vacuum Lines & Retaining Clips, Fuel Tank Sender Units-New, Used & Restored, Retainer Rings & Gaskets, Fuel Tanks-New, Used, Restored, Custom Larger Tanks, Alloy & Stainless. Accelerator Pedals, Linkage Grommets, Springs, Cables, Fuel Caps New & Used, Standard & Locking, Carbys-New, Used & Reco, Carby Overhaul Kits, Air Filters & Assemblies,

Glass - New & Used With Factory Stamps, Clear or Tinted,- Doors, 1/4 Vents, Side & Tailgate, Front & Rear Windscreens, New Solar Windscreens, Reduces Inside Temperatures by Up To 12 Degrees, Window Tinting Lifetime Warranty,

Hood linings - As Original Or Custom-Vinyl, Velour, Felt, Leather.

Heater Components - Heaters New, Used & Restored, Heater Cores New Used & Restored, Hoses & Clamps,Taps,Firewall Grommets, Foam Rings, Dash Control Knobs

Interior Trim - Hood linings - As Original Or Custom-Vinyl, Velour, Felt, Leather, Supplied & Fitted, Sunvisors New, Used & Re trimed, Dash pads New, Used & Restored With Original Bridgestone Skins 2 Year Warranty, Kick Panels-Die Cut, Plastic & Fiberglass, Door Trims- Nos,2/hand, Remade & Pressed As Original Or Custom, Door Trim Plastic Liners, Armrests-New, Used & Restored, Rear Parcel Shelves, Original Or Custom,Seat Belts New OR Originals Restored, Many colors

Boot Compartment - Rubber Mats, Carpet, Boot Masonite's & Screws, Rear Seat Insulation

Lenses & Lights - Front & Rear Indicator Lenses & Assemblies, Tail light, Rear Quarter Panel, Front Guard Side Lights, Lens Gaskets, Light Sockets, Bulbs, LED Bulbs, Indicator Boots, Interior Lenses & Assembly's, Rear Pillar lenses & Assembly's, Lenses Made To Order, Small Runs.

Headlights - Standard & Quarts Halogen, Bulbs- H4, HID, LED 6 & 12 volt. Headlight Base Gaskets, Mounting Clip Kits, Stainless Steel Mesh Protectors

Panels - New, Used & Restored, Rust Patch Panels Hugh Range All Cars, Also Made To Order

Seat Belts - New Aftermarket lap sash & Retractable OR Originals Restored, Many Colors

Steering Wheels - New, Used & Restored All Types, & Replacement Parts

Suspension & Steering Components - NOS, New, Used & Reconditioned, All Cars Hugh Range- Mounting Rubbers & Polyurethane, Kingpins, Ball Joints, Upper & Lower Inner Shafts & Bushes, Wishbones & Bumps, Heavy Duty & Lowered Springs, Shockies - NOS, Gas & Oil, Upper & Lower Outer Kits & Bushes, Drag Links & Repair Kits, Pitmen Arms, Idler Arms & Support Brackets Steering Racks- NOS, Used & Reconditioned-Standard & Power Steering. Sway Bars& Parts New, Heavy Duty, Wheel Bearings & Seals, Steering Boxes- Reconditioned & Used, Repair Kits & Parts, Wheel Studs, Standard & Mag Wheel Nuts & Lock Nuts Many of These Parts Carry A 4 Year 100,000 KM Warranty!!!!!

Rear Suspension - Mounting Rubbers & Polyurethane, Diffs & 9" Conversions, Axles, Bearings, Seals, Gaskets, Crown Wheel & Pinions, Springs, NOS, New, Used & Re tempered, Spring Leaf Liners. Bushes & Bumps, Brake Hoses & Pipes, Shackle Kits & Rubbers, Sway Bars& Parts New, Heavy Duty, U Bolts, Lowering Kits, Wheel Studs, Standard & Mag Wheel Nuts & Lock Nuts

Transmissions - New, Used, Reconditioned- Autos & Manuals - Standard & Heavy Duty. Full Range of NOS, New Used & Reconditioned Parts

Services & Repairs List

Alarms & GPS Trackers Supplied & Fitted

Alloy polishing & Chroming

Aluminum Welding

  Anodizing-over 400 Colors

Armrests Restoration service

Auto Electrical Repairs

Automatic Transmissions Reconditioned

Badges Restored & Painted

Black Chrome

Brake Boosters Reconditioned

Brake Drums Machined

Brake & Master Cylinders Stainless Steel Sleeved

Brake Pipes & Hoses Made

Buying New & Used Parts $$$

  Carbs Reconditioned

Cars & Parts Restored

Chrome Plating

Cylinder Heads Reconditioned - Port & Polishing

Dash & Heater Fascias Restored

Dash Pads Restored - 2 Year Warranty

Delivery Service-Local, Australia Wide & Overseas

  Die cast Chromed

Discs Machined

Distributors Reconditioned & Modified

Efpos Facilities

Electric Window Conversions

Engines Built - Performance Or Standard

Floor Pans Fitted- Butt Welded

Flywheels Machined

Fuel Tanks Made - Alloy or Stainless

Fuel Tank Senders Reconditioned

Friendly Advice

Gauges Reconditioned Like New

Gearboxes Reconditioned

Glass Made With Original Stamps-Clear or Tinted

Gold Plating

Grilles Restored - Metal & Plastic -GT Conversions

Handbrake Cables Made

Heater Cores Repaired

Hood linings Supplied & Fitted

Hubcaps Restored & Painted

Instrument Repairs & Modifications

Interior Re trims-Genuine Or Custom

Lenses Made - Small Runs

Metal Polishing

Parts Manufacturing Service

Panel Restoration

Parts Sold On Consignment

Pearled Steering Wheels

Plastic Chroming & Repairs

Radiators Re cored

Radios Restored & Modified

Rust Panels Made In House & Fitted

Show Class Chroming

Silver Plating- Headlight Reflectors

Stainless Steel Chromed

Stainless Steel Moldings Restored -Better Than New

Steering Wheels Restored-Plain, Pearled, Wood, Re leather,GT & GTS

Wiper Motors Restored

Zinc Plating-Gold Or Silver