Hi guy's we will be trading at Cooly Rocks at Coolangatta on from Friday 09.05.2017 to Sunday 11.05.2017 from 9:00 to 5:00 so we will closed at our Loganholme store be sure to call in and say hi! Our site number is A11 right opposite beach house resort in the main arena. If you need anything brought down be sure to get in early so we can pack it in the truck and bring it down with us.


Accessories - Bonnet Protectors.Radios, Gauge Holders Handbrake Warning Lights, Venation Blinds, Mudflaps, Whitewalls, Whitewall Tyres, Widened Wheels, Mag Wheels Most brands New & Used, Door handle Scratch Plates, Door Weather Shields, Wheel Arch Gavel Shields, Sill Moldings, Fuel Caps New & Used, Standard & Locking, Door Mirrors, Peep Mirrors, Bonnet Ornaments, Bonnet Scoops-Alloy, Fiberglass, Plastic, Wind Splits, Exterior Sun Visors - Metal or Mesh, Number Plate Frames, Stainless Steel Mesh Headlight Protectors, Bumper Over rides.

Badges - New Used & Restored

Body Mounts & Bolt Kits

Body Rubbers & Kits -Most Cars & 4wd

Bonnets & Hinges - New & Used, Bolt Kits, Bumper kits, Cable & Retainer Kits & Stops, Lock Plunger & Spring Kits,

Boot Lid - New & Used, Bumps, Ferrules, Lights, Rubbers, Locks & Keys

Brake Components - Boosters, Master Cylinders, Wheel Cylinders, Spring Kits, Discs Rotors-Standard, Slotted, Cross Drilled & Slotted, Disc Pads, Calipers -NOS, New, Used, Reconditioned, Brake Drums, Hoses, Pipes, Handbrake Cables, Brake shoes & Hold Down Kits

Carpets - Acrylic Heat Molded OR Custom Made & Concourse, Cut, Loop & Super Plush, 13 Colors Various Under felts Available as well.

Clips & Fasteners - Huge Range - Metal & Plastic.

Consoles - New, Used & Restored - Badges, Brackets, Boots, Lids, Moldings, Wood grain, Switches.

Cooling System - Radiators-2/hand, Re-cored, New, Alloy & Custom, Radiator Caps, Over Flow Bottles, Fan Belts, Fitting Kits, Radiator & Heater Hoses & Clamps, Thermostats & Housings, Standard & Braided, Radiator Filters & Coolant, Water Pumps Standard & Electric, Temperature Sender Units & Gauges.

Custom Interiors - leather - suede - velour ect ect . 

Clutch Components - Master Cylinders, Slave Cylinders, Clutch Kits-Standard & High Performance.

Decals - Engine Bay, interior, Boot, Side Stripes, Factory Detailing Stamps & Special Orders.

Dash Fascias - New, Used & Restored.

Dash Gauges - New, Used & Restored- Knobs, Lenses.

Diffs - 9" Conversions, Axles, Bearings, Seals, Gaskets, Crown Wheel & Pinions Tru Trac LSD.

Door Components - New & Used Doors & Parts ,Inner & Outer Handles & Gaskets, Regulators, Hinges New, Used & Reco, Hinge Pins, Brass & Plastic Bushes,Clips,1/4 Vent Assemblies-New, Used & Restored, Stainless Steel Rivets, Door Handle Removing Tool, Door Locks-New, Keyed Alike, 2/hand, Restored, Retaining Clips, Door Lock Knobs-Black, Chrome & Anti Theft, Window Winder Plates & Felts, Door Trim Plastic Liners, Heat & Sound Proofing Kits, Door & 1/4 Glass New with Factory Stamps, Clear or Tinted & 2/hand, Door Seals, Best You Can Buy

Exhaust Components - Pipes, Extractors, Flange & Manifold Gaskets & Studs, Brackets, Exhaust Tips, Manifolds New & Used.

Engines - All Internal Parts, Timing Covers Oil Pumps-Standard or High Volume, Distributors -Standard or Electronic, Manifolds-Standard& Performance, Carbys,Standard & High Performance Balancers. Complete Engines- Standard or High Performance, Engine Mounts & Brackets, Standard, electronic & MSD Ignitions, Alloy Heads, Alternators- Standard & Heavy Duty & Brackets, Pulleys, Starter Motors - Standard & Heavy Duty, Tappet Covers-Original, Chrome, Alloy, Extractors - Standard & Custom, Flywheels-Steel & Alloy & Bolts, Thermostats & Housings, Sumps-Steel & Alloy, Oil Caps, Fuel Pumps- Standard, Heavy duty & Electric, Bolt Kits, Spark Plugs & Leads, Engine Decals, Air Filters & Assembly's, Fuel Lines& Clamps-Standard or Braided, Fuel Filters, Spigot Bushes & Bearings.

Fuel Components - Fuel Pumps-New, Used, Electric, Restored, Repair Kits, Gaskets, Fuel Filters, Fuel & Vacuum Lines & Retaining Clips, Fuel Tank Sender Units-New, Used & Restored, Retainer Rings & Gaskets, Fuel Tanks-New, Used, Restored, Custom Larger Tanks, Alloy & Stainless. Accelerator Pedals, Linkage Grommets, Springs, Cables, Fuel Caps New & Used, Standard & Locking, Carbys-New, Used & Reco, Carby Overhaul Kits, Air Filters & Assemblies,

Glass - New & Used With Factory Stamps, Clear or Tinted,- Doors, 1/4 Vents, Side & Tailgate, Front & Rear Windscreens, New Solar Windscreens, Reduces Inside Temperatures by Up To 12 Degrees, Window Tinting Lifetime Warranty,

Hood linings - As Original Or Custom-Vinyl, Velour, Felt, Leather, Supplied & Fitted

Heater Components - Heaters New, Used & Restored, Heater Cores New Used & Restored, Hoses & Clamps,Taps,Firewall Grommets, Foam Rings, Dash Control Knobs

Interior Trim - Hood linings - As Original Or Custom-Vinyl, Velour, Felt, Leather, Supplied & Fitted, Sunvisors New, Used & Retrimed, Dash pads New, Used & Restored With Original Bridgestone Skins 2 Year Warranty, Kick Panels-Die Cut, Plastic & Fiberglass, Door Trims- Nos,2/hand, Remade & Pressed As Original Or Custom, Door Trim Plastic Liners, Armrests-New, Used & Restored, Rear Parcel Shelves, Original Or Custom,Seat Belts New OR Originals Restored, Many colors

Boot Compartment - Rubber Mats, Carpet, Boot Masonite's & Screws, Rear Seat Insulation

Lenses & Lights - Front & Rear Indicator Lenses & Assemblies, Tail light, Rear Quarter Panel, Front Guard Side Lights, Lens Gaskets, Light Sockets, Bulbs, LED Bulbs, Indicator Boots, Interior Lenses & Assembly's, Rear Pillar lenses & Assembly's, Lenses Made To Order, Small Runs.

Headlights - Standard & Quarts Halogen, Bulbs- H4, HID, LED 6 & 12 volt. Headlight Base Gaskets, Mounting Clip Kits, Stainless Steel Mesh Protectors

Panels - New, Used & Restored, Rust Patch Panels Hugh Range All Cars, Also Made To Order

Seat Belts - New Aftermarket lap sash & Retractable OR Originals Restored, Many Colors

Steering Wheels - New, Used & Restored All Types, & Replacement Parts

Suspension & Steering Components - NOS, New, Used & Reconditioned, All Cars Hugh Range- Mounting Rubbers & Polyurethane, Kingpins, Ball Joints, Upper & Lower Inner Shafts & Bushes, Wishbones & Bumps, Heavy Duty & Lowered Springs, Shockies - NOS, Gas & Oil, Upper & Lower Outer Kits & Bushes, Drag Links & Repair Kits, Pitment Arms, Idler Arms & Support Brackets Steering Racks- NOS, Used & Reconditioned-Standard & Power Steering. Sway Bars& Parts New, Heavy Duty, Wheel Bearings & Seals, Steering Boxes- Reconditioned & Used, Repair Kits & Parts, Wheel Studs, Standard & Mag Wheel Nuts & Lock Nuts Many of These Parts Carry A 4 Year 100,000 KM Warranty!!!!!

Rear Suspension - Mounting Rubbers & Polyurethane, Diffs & 9" Conversions, Axles, Bearings, Seals, Gaskets, Crown Wheel & Pinions, Springs, NOS, New, Used & Re tempered, Spring Leaf Liners. Bushes & Bumps, Brake Hoses & Pipes, Shackle Kits & Rubbers, Sway Bars& Parts New, Heavy Duty, U Bolts, Lowering Kits, Wheel Studs, Standard & Mag Wheel Nuts & Lock Nuts

Transmissions - New, Used, Reconditioned- Autos & Manuals - Standard & Heavy Duty. Full Range of NOS, New Used & Reconditioned Parts

Services & Repairs List
Abrasive Blasting of Parts

Accessories Fitted

Air Conditioners Supplied & Fitted

Alarms & GPS Trackers Supplied & Fitted

Alloy polishing & Chroming

Aluminum Welding

Anodising -over 400 Colours

Armrests Restored

Auto Electrical Repairs

Automatic Transmissions Reconditioned

Badges Restored & Painted

Black Chrome

Body Rubber Kits Fitted

Brake Boosters Reconditioned

Brake Drums Machined

Brake & Master Cylinders Stainless Steel Sleeved

Brake Pipes & Hoses Made

Buying New & Used Parts $$$

Carbys Reconditioned

Cars & 4WDrives Bought $$$

Cars & Parts Restored

Central Locking Fitted

Chrome Plating

Cylinder Heads Reconditioned - Port & Polishing

Dash & Heater Fascias Restored

Dash Pads Restored - 2 Year Warranty

Decals & Stripes Made

Delivery Service-Local, Australia Wide & Overseas

Diecast Chromed

Discs Machined

Distributors Reconditioned & Modified

Efpos Facilities

Electric Window Conversions

Engines Built - Performance Or Standard

Fitter & Turner Service

Floor Pans Fitted- Butt Welded

Flywheels Machined

Fuel Tanks Made - Alloy or Stainless

Fuel Tank Senders Reconditioned

Friendly Advice

Gauges Reconditioned Like New

Gearboxes Reconditioned

Glass Made With Original Stamps-Clear or Tinted

Gold Plating

Grilles Restored - Metal & Plastic -GT Conversions

Handbrake Cables Made

Heater Cores Repaired

Hood linings Supplied & Fitted

Hubcaps Restored & Painted

Instrument Repairs & Modifications

Interior Re trims-Genuine Or Custom

Lenses Made - Small Runs

Locks Reconditioned & Keyed Alike

Mag Wheels Repaired & Polished

Mechanical Repairs

Metal Polishing

Mig Welding

Parts Manufacturing Service

Panel Restoration

Parts Sold On Consignment

Pearled Steering Wheels

Pin striping

Plastic Chroming & Repairs

Powder Coating

Radiators Re cored

Radios Restored & Modified

Red walls Put on Your Tyres

Rust Panels Made In House & Fitted

Rust Proofing


Show Class Chroming

Silver Plating- Headlight Reflectors

Stainless Steel Chromed

Stainless Steel Mouldings Restored -Better Than New

Steering Wheels Restored-Plain, Pearled, Wood, Releather,GT & GTS

Tig Welding & Repairs

Whitewalls Put on Your Tyres

Windscreens Fitted

Wiper Motors Restored

Zinc Plating-Gold Or Silver